Cry for help

My name is Pelin and the reason I would like to start this blog is to look after my mental health in this 12 day quarantine period in a hotel in the UK, and contribute to stop this inhuman practice.

I would like to do this publicly because I know there are other people suffering from the same thing and I would like my voice to be heard, I would like my pain to be seen and acknowledged and maybe get some mercy.

I will write about why I ended up in a quarantine hotel, why I had to visit my parents who are living in Turkey (which has been in the UK government red list since May).
Also, I will share my experience in a quarantine hotel.
Most importantly, I would like my question to be answered about this execution:

  • How many people tested positive during quarantine hotel stay on Day 2? And demographics of these people? Which country did they come from?
  • How many people tested positive during quarantine hotel stay on Day 8? I do not think people tested positive on Day 8 has brought the Covid from origin country, it is because of the queues in airport, bus etc. I would like this data to be shared publicly.
  • How many people tested positive who stayed in a quarantine hotel but also took 2 doses of Covid vaccine?
  • Why double vaccination is not a key parameter to decide a person`s quarantine status when that person is coming from a red list country where it is a key parameter for people coming from an amber list country?
  • Why this “award winning travel company (CTM)” is putting the people in random hotels instead of putting people coming with the same flight into the same hotel in order to minimise the risk of infecting other people in the bus etc.?

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