Quarantine Hotel – Day 1

Here is today`s menu

When we received the breakfast, we realised there was no bread. We tried to call reception, the number they gave us for Food; none of it worked. We came here yesterday so we were hungry and we just wanted 2 slices of bread.
I had to go out to the corridor and ask the guardians. They informed us that there is a problem with the lines today and they are not reachable from any other room. I asked him just 2 pieces of bread and told him that it is unbelievable to beg for a bread in a hotel room in this situation. He called the other people, they called our room and finally they sent us 2 slices of bread (lucky us!1!!!1). The woman on the phone from food services asked whether I wanted bread for every hot breakfast and I said yes.

After a few hours, we decided to go out for daily exercise. We again tried to call the number/reception and there was no answer. I went out to guardians again and to ask for this and arrange the exercise. Please read carefully, he told me that there are a lot of people from Afghanistan who are infectious and I should not be out, and we are not allowed to go out until we make Day 2 test (on the 3rd day we arrive to the hotel), get its result (on the 4th day of arrival to the hotel); then we can go out for exercise. I was like wtf?? This was not written anywhere, no one told me this. I got my negative result 2 days ago before entering to flight. I was already in a bad mood, and already in a cage and now you are telling me that I cannot leave the room for 4 days? This was not acceptable and finally they understand the situation and allowed us to go out for 20 mins walk.
Here is where we walk, the terrace of the hotel..

Here is the breakfast, lunch menu and lunch.

Yes, they are feeding us with Sulphur Dioxide and thank god they are informing us (Please check out to see what it is and what its side effects https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7426352/)
I do not want to even mention the plastic cutlery we receive everyday. I never understand the plastic usage in the UK since I moved to here. This is a country claiming to fight with climate change and the amount they use plastic in every supermarket, every packaging item is just UN-BELIEVABLE

Here is the dinner

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