Quarantine Hotel – Day 2

We have been trying to reach to Reception to ask whether they have a car park here and if we can give our car`s extra key to them so one of our friends can come and pick it up from the reception. We are calling Park Plaza Victoria reception, they are picking up the phone and saying they will check and come back to us. No one has returned back to us after 2 calls…
The reason we need to take our car out is our car was parked in Stansted airport and the stay will expire on 31th of August. If we cannot take it out, we need to pay £30 a day. We are trying to extend the stay but Stansted airport call centre is not working on weekends and bank holidays (not surprisingly)..
It is not only the stress we are stuck in a small room, it is the other facts that is making this process unbearable. You are calling and no one is answering, you are waiting for breakfast but they are not brining..Or they are brining but not even knocking the door like we will know when the breakfast came by our instincts.

Here is today`s breakfast for 2 people:

In my Quarantine Hotel – Day 1 post, I mentioned I requested bread for hot breakfast for the rest of our stay but as you can see, there is not bread for us for this breakfast..
It is ok, thank god they are allowing us to order from amazon and we ordered our bread already..Like it is not enough to pay £3715, we still have option to spend more and more to feed ourselves..(insert sarcastic laugh here)

Here is today`s lunch

At the end of the day, we talked with Reception and they accepted to get the keys from us and give it to our friend. We sent an email to them as they requested but no one came to pick up the keys from us. We ignored it because our friend could not make it to come today but who never know whether we can talk to reception tomorrow or not.

For the daily walks, we are allowed to go out for 20 mins breaks 3 times. When we want to walk, we are calling (the number are not working, so we either need to call reception or call our guardian). One of the guardians is knocking our door when the time comes, informs other people that we are coming, escorts us to the elevator and press 4th floor.
Another guardian is welcoming us at 4th floor and again escorting us to the terrace.
When our 20 mins is up, they are calling us and showing us our ways to our room.
Today, I have called security to arrange our walking at around 16:47 PM to arrange our walk in 30 mins. 30 minutes passed and no one knocked our door. I called them again and remind myself; the security guy told me that he was sending someone, another 30 mins passed and no one came. We opened the door and informed the guardians and finally we managed to go out (?), to the terrace at 18:00 PM.

If we order food or any deliveries, they are bringing it to our door.

Here is today`s dinner:

And here are some photos from the hotel room, or should I call our cell?

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