Quarantine Hotel – Day 4

If everything goes well, next week on Wednesday we will get out from this hell. As the day passes, you try to convince yourself that you are getting used to it. But if I am being honest with you, it is not something you can get used to when you know this is unfair.
Most of the time, I`m trying to find ways to keep myself busy, but when I cannot find something and start to think about it, I start to feel like I am drowning. Why do i need to spend my time and energy in this cell? What am I going to do if something happens to someone else in my family? What if I catch the virus in this place? What sandwich will we have for today? (no, we are not thinking about this of course; we learned that it is always chicken with something)

During this pandemic, I have seen very limited stories of people who have not seen their families for months, or people missing the special moments of other family members.. Mostly what is covered in media is all about what holidaymakers will do, where they can go or not, and what is the situation of popular holiday spots, whether they can get last minute chance of some sunshine… There are a lot of people living in this country whose parents, families, friends are living abroad and many of them did not have an opportunity to go and visit them even once. Do you think this is less important than holidaymakers?

Politics and my inner voices aside, I will continue to write about our quarantine day.
I hope people reading this blog will not have to come to this hotel neither during the pandemic nor after this period. There is a constant noise of water flowing in pipe (bubbling and gurgling) in our room. You do not realise it too much when there are other noises around but when it is night and there is no background noise, it is very very annoying for a person like me (I hate every unnatural, distracting noises). So if you have an option, I advise you to pick another.

Here is our breakfast for today:

Here is lunch for today:

After lunch, I called the security to go out for a walk. I asked the guardian if I can record video of the corridors when they are escorting us to terrace without recording any person. However, the guardian told me that I am not allowed to take a video even if I do not record them. He told me that he would talk to his manager and let me know. As you can guess, the manager told him that it was not allowed. Even tough it says opposite in the leaflet (see section in the middle Interacting with media).. I would never record anyone in the video without their consent but I feel really exhausted to fight for something…

Instead, I took the video of the terrace. Hope you can get some idea of the area. I took only floor in order not to have people in the video. As you can see, it is an area that you can walk in 1 minute so all we can do is to pace back and forth in the same area.

Here is dinner for today. In the first photo, you see how they know our door and leave the food at each meal time.

In previous posts, I wrote the food was not too bad, but today I cannot say the same thing..

I will again repeat my questions.

  • How many people tested positive during quarantine hotel stay on Day 2? And demographics of these people? Which country did they come from?
  • How many people tested positive during quarantine hotel stay on Day 8? I do not think people tested positive on Day 8 has brought the Covid from origin country, it is because of the queues in airport, bus etc.
  • How many people staying in a quarantine hotel tested positive whereas that person is double vaccinated? It should be pretty easy to collect and analyse this data. Both me and my husband are double vaccinated in the UK and we have this information in NHS, we are prepared to share the proof of our doses.
  • Why double vaccination is not a key parameter to decide a person`s quarantine status when that person is coming from a red list country where it is a key parameter for people coming from an amber list country?
  • Why this “award winning travel company (CTM)” is putting the people in random hotels instead of putting people coming with the same flight into the same hotel in order to minimise the risk of infecting other people in the bus etc.?
  • How many cases spread among the people hotel quarantine vs. how many cases spread after UEFA Euro 2020 matches?

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