Quarantine Hotel – Day 5

Yet another day passed in this prison, we are almost in the middle of this process. I have never been so thankful to have a job that can take my mind off from the other things. do not even realise of the time while working, and suddenly it is evening already, which is really good feeling these days.

Here is our breakfast for today:

Here is our lunch for today:

We did not have time to go for a walk during the day and we decided to go for a wlk at 17:30PM. I called the security at 16:36PM to arrange our walk in 1 hour. The guy told me to call 15 mins before (where the same guys told me to arrange the walking in advance). I hung up and called at 17:24PM and they came in after 20 mins.
The problem for today was the terrace was very crowded. I know Covid is not very transmittable in outside but you know, it still feels very disturbing to be with people in a small area with also a guard for almost each person..

For dinner, we did want to order from outside because of food quality from yesterday. We called the food service and asked them not to bring us any food in order not to waste it. They just brought us water as per our request. They deliver the food to the reception and one of the guardians brought the food from reception to our room. So, it is not allowed to go and pick up your own food or they do not allow the delivery guy to bring it to you.

I will repeat my questions again..

  • How many people tested positive during quarantine hotel stay on Day 2? And demographics of these people? Which country did they come from?
  • How many people tested positive during quarantine hotel stay on Day 8? I do not think people tested positive on Day 8 has brought the Covid from origin country, it is because of the queues in airport, bus etc.
  • How many people staying in a quarantine hotel tested positive whereas that person is double vaccinated? It should be pretty easy to collect and analyse this data. Both me and my husband are double vaccinated in the UK and we have this information in NHS, we are prepared to share the proof of our doses.
  • Why double vaccination is not  a key parameter to decide a person`s quarantine status when that person is coming from a red list country where it is a key parameter for people coming from an amber list country?
  • Why this “award winning travel company (CTM)” is putting the people in random hotels instead of putting people coming with the same flight  into the same hotel in order to minimise the risk of infecting other people in the bus etc.?
  • How many cases spread among the people hotel quarantine vs. how many cases spread after UEFA Euro 2020 matches?

Please share this blog as many people as possible to make a difference and to end this cruel practice.

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