Quarantine Hotel – Day 7

We have spent most of the day(saturday) watching Netflix. Thank god, it is possible to cast your device to the TV in the room and the internet is not too bad. Yes, it is also unbelievable for me too but I could spent the whole day eating something in front of tv.

Today is also the first week of our arrival and I realised the menu has returned back to the first day. When we first arrived, we filled the meal preferences for the rest of 10 days upfront and here is the menu`s for Day 0(28th Aug) and Day 7(4th Sept), Day 1(29th Aug) and Day 8(5th Sept) for you to see the similarities.

Here is our breakfast for today:

Here is our lunch for today:

We called the security at 17:33 PM to go out for walk and the guy told us that a guardian could come and pick us up in roughly 30 mins, I also specified that this is our first walk in today. After 45 minutes, we called them again to say no one showed up. The guardian told it was very busy outside and they could bring us up around 20:00 PM. So, even tough they told us if it is our first walk, we had the priority; this was not the case. The guy told me that this was because other people were calling earlier and specifying the times beforehand for their walks.
I guess part of us is still fighting with this system..So, if you have to stay in a quarantine hotel, set your walk times in the morning for that day.
We had dinner and called them to go out and they brought us downstairs around 19:35 PM.

Here is our dinner for today:

I would like to recap my questions:

  • How many people tested positive during quarantine hotel stay on Day 2? And demographics of these people? Which country did they come from?
  • How many people tested positive during quarantine hotel stay on Day 8? I do not think people tested positive on Day 8 has brought the Covid from origin country, it is because of the queues in airport, bus etc.
  • How many people staying in a quarantine hotel tested positive whereas that person is double vaccinated? It should be pretty easy to collect and analyse this data. Both me and my husband are double vaccinated in the UK and we have this information in NHS, we are prepared to share the proof of our doses.
  • Why double vaccination is not  a key parameter to decide a person`s quarantine status when that person is coming from a red list country where it is a key parameter for people coming from an amber list country?
  • Why this “award winning travel company (CTM)” is putting the people in random hotels instead of putting people coming with the same flight  into the same hotel in order to minimise the risk of infecting other people in the bus etc.?

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