Quarantine Hotel – Day 0

The day you enter to the UK is Day 0. We were transferred from airport to our hotel (Park Plaza Victoria) via bus. Once we entered to the hotel, there were at least 6 different people trying to escort us to a specific area. Finally we sat down and we were offered some water. ThereContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 0”

Booking a hotel quarantine & Flight to the UK

We had to take PCR testWe had to fill a Passenger Locator Form before taking the flight (48 hours before). We need to book quarantine hotel, and pay £3715 (please check here) before filling that form and need an invoice number(which will be created by CTM after you make the reservation, if they do notContinue reading “Booking a hotel quarantine & Flight to the UK”

Why did we end up in a managed quarantine in the UK?

On 25th of July, my father was admitted to hospital in Kayseri, Turkey.He was suffering from a rare disease called MSA (Multiple system atrophy, please check NHS Page).It is a progressive disease and he had lost his ability to walk, eat and breathe in the last 5 months.The reason he was admitted is because heContinue reading “Why did we end up in a managed quarantine in the UK?”

Cry for help

My name is Pelin and the reason I would like to start this blog is to look after my mental health in this 12 day quarantine period in a hotel in the UK, and contribute to stop this inhuman practice. I would like to do this publicly because I know there are other people sufferingContinue reading “Cry for help”