Quarantine Hotel – Day 9

We received the PCR results today and as you can guess, we both have NEGATIVE results. Unfortunately, this does not make any difference and we still need to stay here for another 2 days. I guess we should be thankful to the UK government that they saved us from the toxic environment by locking usContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 9”

Quarantine Hotel – Day 6

If we do not count Wednesday, there are 4 days left to our freedom.Today was a quiet day with no major problem. I remember there was some information in the leaflet about laundry service. So, I wanted to check that out again to see what we are eligible. It turns our we are allowed forContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 6”

Quarantine Hotel – Day 3

We started today with our NEGATIVE PCR results. Yesterday, they brought Day 2 test kits to our room, we did our tests and we received the results via SMS and email from NHS. Now, we will wait until the next test which will take place on Day 8.Here is the schedule that the hotel gaveContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 3”

Quarantine Hotel – Day 2

We have been trying to reach to Reception to ask whether they have a car park here and if we can give our car`s extra key to them so one of our friends can come and pick it up from the reception. We are calling Park Plaza Victoria reception, they are picking up the phoneContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 2”

Quarantine Hotel – Day 1

Here is today`s menu When we received the breakfast, we realised there was no bread. We tried to call reception, the number they gave us for Food; none of it worked. We came here yesterday so we were hungry and we just wanted 2 slices of bread. I had to go out to the corridorContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 1”

Quarantine Hotel – Day 0

The day you enter to the UK is Day 0. We were transferred from airport to our hotel (Park Plaza Victoria) via bus. Once we entered to the hotel, there were at least 6 different people trying to escort us to a specific area. Finally we sat down and we were offered some water. ThereContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 0”