Quarantine Hotel – Day 5

Yet another day passed in this prison, we are almost in the middle of this process. I have never been so thankful to have a job that can take my mind off from the other things. do not even realise of the time while working, and suddenly it is evening already, which is really goodContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 5”

Quarantine Hotel – Day 4

If everything goes well, next week on Wednesday we will get out from this hell. As the day passes, you try to convince yourself that you are getting used to it. But if I am being honest with you, it is not something you can get used to when you know this is unfair.Most ofContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 4”

Quarantine Hotel – Day 1

Here is today`s menu When we received the breakfast, we realised there was no bread. We tried to call reception, the number they gave us for Food; none of it worked. We came here yesterday so we were hungry and we just wanted 2 slices of bread. I had to go out to the corridorContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 1”

Quarantine Hotel – Day 0

The day you enter to the UK is Day 0. We were transferred from airport to our hotel (Park Plaza Victoria) via bus. Once we entered to the hotel, there were at least 6 different people trying to escort us to a specific area. Finally we sat down and we were offered some water. ThereContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel – Day 0”

Cry for help

My name is Pelin and the reason I would like to start this blog is to look after my mental health in this 12 day quarantine period in a hotel in the UK, and contribute to stop this inhuman practice. I would like to do this publicly because I know there are other people sufferingContinue reading “Cry for help”